Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Most memorable incident in my life.

I was in the second year of college when my friend's mother was suddenly admitted to a hospital. Being the oldest daughter, my friend had to stay in the hospital.
Once i dropped in to the hospital to meet her mother. My friend introduced me to another patient in the same ward. She was a young girl suffering from cancer. She had come to Mumbai from Assam for treatment with her parents. I was introduced to her. Her name was naina.
I started visiting the hospital frequently because i had taken a liking to Naina & wanted to meet her more often.
Once in college, while chatting with my friend, she told me that Naina's condition had worsened & doctors had asked her parents to arrange for blood because she needed a transfusion at the earliest.
I was shocked. Though i knew my parents were against the idea of me donating blood, i didnt hesitate even for a second & rushed to the hospital.
I also requested some of my other friends to do the same. The next day, we skipped college & went to the hospital.
Her father thanked us profusely & offered us Rs.100/- each for donating blood for his daughter. We refused.
Its almost a year since that incident. I still visit Naina in the hospital with my friends. We all hope that she recovers, some day.
My family still doesnt know that i had donated blood to her & nor do they know that i visit her regularly. I hope they understand me when i reveal it to them sometime in the future.
There are somethings in life which are said to make us happy, But i'd never thought that helping someone selflessly could be so rewarding.

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